Complimentary Web Services Review

Free, No Obligation Consultation

Nobody likes getting taken for a ride, especially when it comes to their hard-earned money. If there is something that really grinds our gears, it is spending money on items or services that we don’t need or want. Unfortunately, there are many companies out there that will upsell you just to put more money in their pockets. Infinity digital is dedicated to bringing change to the digital marketing industry and helping keep more money in the pockets of our customers.

How Do You Start Your Consultation?

We offer a no obligation complementary Web services review. One of our senior account managers will review your current web and email hosting services and look for ways to save you money. It is similar to the way that insurance agencies will review your policies with other companies and see if there services can save you money. When we perform this review we work with the customer in order to better understand their needs so that we can figure out if they are subscribe to services that they do not need.

One Of Our Favorite Consultations

A perfect example of purchasing services that are not needed occurred just this week. And Allstate insurance agency reached out was because they felt that they were being gouged by their web and email hosting. They had hired a web developer several years ago to set them up with the domain name and email hosting. After selling a very expensive GoDaddy hosting plan to this customer, the web designer simply disappeared. Unfortunately, this is something that is very common in our industry. In this situation, the web designer had sold them a $500 per year hosting package because the designer did not fully understand what the customer needed.

This insurance agency consist of only two insurance agents and one office manager. For many number of years, this insurance agency having doing just fine operating off of their AOL email addresses. In an effort to modernize they reached down to a friend of one of the staff members who claimed to be a web designer. He then proceeded to sell them one of GoDaddy’s more expensive hosting packages. This was by no means the fault of GoDaddy since they were just the supplier. The true fault is placed on the web designer and his limited knowledge of the industry.

After spending several hours on the phone with the customer we were able to downgrade them to a plan that better suited their needs. Since they were a small insurance agency and did not even have a website developed yet, we set them up with one of GoDaddy’s entry-level packages. This took their yearly web hosting budget from $500 a year to a little over $110. Not only are they going to be saving money in the future but we also managed to get them a partial refund from Go Daddy as well. Needless to say the customer was incredibly impressed and thankful for this review.

The service that we provide the client cost them zero dollars. They did not pay anything more to Go Daddy nor do they have to pay anything to us. This is just another example of how we use our knowledge and expertise to help fellow business owners save money on their website and optimize the way their company is run. Having a strong technology infrastructure does not have to be expensive. Properly implemented a strong and efficient tech infrastructure will optimize company performance and decrease overhead cost.